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Through its energy and climate policies the EU has set a number of ambitious goals recently (e.g. by 2020 the share of renewable energy sources should increase to 20% of total EU energy consumption. At the same time the use of RES in the New Member States and the Western Balkan countries is still significantly low compared to the EU. Therefore it is particularly important to support information flow, awareness raising and involvement of organisations in RES research and technology demonstration projects in these countries.

The RES BOAT will bring together all European stakeholders in an encouraging atmosphere to support knowledge-transfer in the field of RES at European level and promote project results of FP7, FP6, IEE, SAVE II and ALTENER II programmes. The symbolic event will be held between 23-27 March 2009, aboard a boat (the RES BOAT) passing through 5 countries (Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia) with the final event to be held in Belgrade in the geographic vicinity of Romania and Bulgaria. The voyage on the river Danube connecting nations in the Enlarged EU will also bring attention to the Southeast region of Europe.

Main topics of the conference are:

Vienna, 23 March 2009: Renewable Electricity Technologies

Bratislava, 24 March 2009: Polygeneration

Budapest, 25 March 2009: Eco-Buildings

Vukovar, 26 March 2009: Biofuels and alternative motor fuels

Belgrade, 27 March 2009: Renewable heating and cooling Technologies

The main objective of the project is to reach a critical mass in the promotion of RES project results (FP7, FP6, IEE, ALTERNER II, SAVE II and national programmes) in Europe through a series of events held aboard boat on the river Danube. Special emphasis will be put on Central-Eastern and Southern Europe and at the same time on awareness raising about the importance of sustainable energy use.

Specific objectives:

  • Summarise, display and promote all FP7, FP6 (+FP5, IEE) RES project results within the framework of a single high-impact European event series

  • Establish and maintain an Internet based tool (so called 'Virtual Boat') for thematic promotion and dissemination in order to share and compare ideas between decision-makers, researchers and SMEs from the Member States and Associated Candidate Countries to bridge the geographical gap

  • Encourage the share of ideas, new technologies, business ventures and continuous interactions on a professional basis

  • Raise public and professional awareness of renewables and rational energy utilisation in Central-Eastern and South Europe by deploying a high public exposure conference series on RES and RUE

  • Get together all European stakeholders in a good atmosphere to promote the knowledge-transfer in the field of renewable energy sources at European level

  • Stimulate the direct and indirect communication between organizations from Member States (with a special emphasis on New Member States) and Associated Candidate Countries in the wide field of renewable energy

  • Increase cohesion and international cooperation between participants

Crew on board


Geonardo Environmental Technologies Ltd. (Coordinator) - Hungary

CRES - Centre for Renewable Energy Sources - Greece

EUFORES - European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources A.S.B.L - Belgium

Via Expo Ltd. - Bulgaria

Pentatrade Ltd. - Hungary



AEA - Austrian Energy Agency

WIP Munich


Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency


Energia Klub

Hungarian Pellet Association

- Invention and Research Center Services Co. Ltd.


Croatian Environment Press Centre

Society for Sustainable Development and Design

Energy Institute of Hrovje Pazar

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Department of Energy, Power Engineering and Environment

Croatian Chamber of Economy

           Industry & Technology department - Energy Unit


Centar Tesla

Sanitary Ecology Society

Energy Efficiency Agency of the Republic of Serbia


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Biofuel 2nd generation
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Heinz Macht
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Heinz Macht
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SOLAIR project - solar cooling
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Vienna Bratislava Budapest Vukovar Belgrade Map

The RESBOAT Conference series consists of 5 thematic events that will be held during a cruise along the river Danube all while connecting nations of Europe. During each event specific issues related to policies, country assessments, state-of-the-art technologies and best practices on Renewable Energy Sources (RES) will be presented.

Download the 5-day programme

Download the list of side events

Be a passanger aboard the RES BOAT: 23-27 March 2009

Locations: Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Vukovar, Belgrade

  • Register for the entire conference tour or the individual days free of charge
  • Take part in RES side events organised by our local partners
  • Present and disseminate your FP7, FP6, IEE, RES project results during the conference
  • Display our company activities through the conference's Poster Session
  • Meet international stakeholders and exchange your ideas aboard the Virtual Boat and during the networking session of the conference

Participation on individual dates is free of charge, however, there is a EUR 200 accomodation and catering fee for those who apply for the 5-day Conference Series.

Here you can search among the dissemination related and other useful files of the RESBOAT project.

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RES BOAT newsletter III (RES BOAT publications)
The third issue of the RES BOAT newsletter presents the programme of the conference series (23-27 March 2009) on the river Danube on different aspects of the renewable energy sources (RES).

RES BOAT Newsletter (RES BOAT publications)
The second issue of the RES BOAT newsletter. The RES BOAT (23-27 March 2009) is RES conference series on the river Danube on different aspects of the renewable energy sources (RES) where you can present your organisation, disseminate your projects results and network with your potential business partners.

RES BOAT Poster (RES BOAT publications)
A whole set of publicity material is available for the RES BOAT Conference series. We would be pleased if you would integrate the RES BOAT poster in your website, newsletter or any other information channel related to renewable energy sources. This material may also be printed in order to help us promoting our event throughout Europe.Thank you in advance for you kind co-operation.

RES BOAT Leaflet (RES BOAT publications)
We would be pleased if you would integrate the RES BOAT leaflet in your website, newsletter or any other information channel related to renewable energy sources. This material may also be printed in order to help us promoting our event throughout Europe.Thank you in advance for you kind co-operation.

RES BOAT Logo (RES BOAT publications)
We would be pleased if you would integrate our logo in your website, newsletter or any other information channel related to renewable energy sources.

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Geonardo Ltd. - Geonardo Environmental Technologies Ltd.


7 Záhony Street
1031 Budapest

Contact details:

Tel.: +36 1 250 6703
Fax: +36 1 436 9038
Contact person:
Ms. Adrienn Csekő

Geonardo description

Established in 1999 GEONARDO is the leading consultancy company in Central and Eastern Europe providing cutting edge solutions and technological excellence in environmental engineering and natural resources management. The Company and staff's experience expands over almost every aspect of natural resources management, environmental technologies and renewable energy sources development.
Consulting and training on energy efficiency and renewable resources, formulating business cases and investment related cost/benefit analyses, in the renewable energy market, is another area where GEONARDO expertise has become widely acclaimed Central and Eastern Europe. Projects carried out at the European level (under FP5/FP6, IEE, LIFE III) have helped develop an outstanding international network of SMEs and professionals, working on environmental and renewable energy issues. Geonardo has an international team, recruited from virtually every European country, bringing in greater depth, knowledge and experience to the company.

Crew on board

Mr. Balázs Bodó, project manager at Geonardo Ltd. Has a degree in both Environmental-science and Geological-engineering. He has coordinated and participated as a project manager in numerous projects under both FP5 and FP6 (such as SME Environment, Energy Forest), and currently he is a coordinator of the FP7 Project CEUBIOM. He also worked as a proposal evaluator in Brussels under the FP6 and eTEN (CIP) programmes for several terms.

Ms. Adrienn Csekő has a degree in Geography from the distinguished ELTE University in Budapest. She is currently the project manager of an IEE project (PELLETS@LAS) and project under the Concerto initiative. Besides project management she has taken part in the organisation of several seminars and workshops in the past two years.

Ms. Izabella Pintér completed her studies in 2005, in the field of regional-local development, at the University of Budapest, Eötvös Loránd Faculty of Science. Her master thesis treated the EU cross-border cooperation in Eastern Europe, which remained one of her main interest areas. She has been working at Geonardo Ltd. since than. Currently she is in charge for the administration of FP projects and for the organization of different seminars. Within the RES BOAT project she is responsible for the communication with registered participants and for handling general interest.

Ms. Mária Tóth is an economist, specialised in environmental management and rural development at the Corvinus University of Budapest.
She is a project manager at Geonardo Ltd. and responsible for the marketing activities of the RES BOAT project.

Centre for Renewable Energy Sources


19th km Marathonos Avenue
GR-19009 Pikermi


Phone: 0030-210-6603 340
Fax: 0030-210-6603 302
Charalampos Malamatenios (Head of Training Dept.)


The Centre for Renewable Energy Sources (CRES) is the Greek national entity for the promotion of renewable energy sources, rational use of energy and energy conservation. CRES was founded in September 1987 by Presidential Decree 375/87. It is a public entity, supervised by the Ministry of Development - General Secretariat of Research and Technology, and has financial and administrative independence. CRES was appointed as the national co-ordination centre in its areas of activity by Law 2244/94 (Production of Electricity from RES) and Law 2702/99. Working in the state of the art of technology development, CRES implements innovative projects and significant activities for the promotion and market penetration of new energy technologies.


The Centre for Renewable Energy Sources (CRES) is a non profit entity supervised by the Ministry of Development, General Secretariat of Research and Technology, founded in September 1987, and has financial and administrative independence. In accordance with the policy of the Ministry, CRES is active in the fields of RES, RUE, and Energy Saving (ES). Its primary aim is to promote technological applications in these fields both at a national and international level. CRES was appointed by Law No 2244/94 as the National Centre for Coordination in the fields of its activity. It further acts as an advisor to the Greek State, and has established a highly visible profile of a strong and reliable national energy centre.
CRES has a scientific staff of more than 75 highly qualified engineers and other scientists (total staff: 150), and over the years has participated in more than 500 European and national projects in the following fields:
  • Strategic studies for dissemination in the fields of RES/ RUE/ES
  • Promotion activities: organisation of conferences and workshops, publication of brochures leaflets, announcements, proceedings, production of electronic material)
  • Dissemination of information to enterprises and specialised bodies on energy matters including the results of research and development of new technologies
  • Provision of support to regional and local energy centres in Greece
  • Establishing and strengthening CRES' international contacts
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of specialised training programmes
  • Development and management of databases with information on energy sectors, energy statistics and energy maps
  • Development and management of energy models and computer methods for the penetration of new energy technologies into the energy system
  • Creation of energy information services infrastructure.
CRES cooperates with other institutes, universities, consultants, national & international organisations (such as the IEA, UNESCO, ISES, PLEA, IEC, CEN, etc), while it is an active member of various European and international networks, such as the EnR, MEDENER, EUFORES, OPET, EUREC Agency, etc. It also participates in and provides support for the promotion of the activities of various professional/scientific societies, such as the Greek Solar Industries Association, the Greek Small Hydro Association, the Greek CHP Association, the Greek Renewable Energies Forum (ELFORES), etc.

Crew on board

Dr Char. Malamatenios in the period 1989-1993 was a post-graduate researcher in the Lab. of Thermal Turbomachines (LTT/NTUA), where he developed two-phase flow calculation methods for both the inviscid and viscous parts of internal aerodynamic flows applied in the turbomachinery field. During 1994-1996 he was a post-doc researcher in the LTT/NTUA. Dr Malamatenios joined CRES in 1997 (from November 1997 is the head of CRES Training Department), where he works on the implementation of programs related to the training in the RES and/or RUE issues of various professionals. He also elaborates the training tools (CD-ROMs, Guides, Textbooks, etc.) addressing these target groups.

Ms Flora Stefanou is a graduate of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, School of Law Economics and Political Sciences, Faculty of Economics. Since June 1997 she works for CRES and since March 1998 she is a member of CRES Marketing Department staff. She was involved in the organisation of many events in which CRES is the main host or it particpates with a stand. Moreover, Ms Stefanou has been involved in the organization of Educational Visits to CRES, school competitions for the best school study with RES, RUE and ES subject, organization of Energy Open Days, etc.

Ms Evi Koulouri holds a degree in Chemistry (2004) from the University of Crete and an MSc in Analytical Chemistry from the Environmental Chemical Processes Laboratory (ECPL) of Crete. She has been involved in projects dealing with Environmental analysis (2004-2007). During the last months, she has been working for the Training Department of CRES, in the implementation of training programs.

Mr Eleftherios Giakoumelos is a Physicist (University of Patras). He has worked as a teacher in the secondary education. The last ten years he is working for CRES. During his first eight years, he worked at the Financial Services Department having as main activities the financial monitoring, control and administrative support for research programs. The last 3 years he is a member of the Training Department's staff working in the implementation of training programs, studies and market requirement analyses.

European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources

European Parliamentarians for a Sustainable Energy Future

EUFORES is an independent, non-profit making organisation and leading promoter of renewable energy and energy efficiency. It was founded in 1995 and is a European parliamentary network with Members from the European Parliament as well as from the national EU Member States Parliaments.

EUFORES - European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources a.s.b.l.
Dr. Jan Geiss
Managing Director
Renewable Energy House
Rue d'Arlon 63-65
B-1040 Brussels, Belgium
Via Expo Ltd.
Via Expo is a full service company in the field of organization of professional exhibitions, conferences, training seminars, business meetings, etc. It was established in 1992 in Bulgaria. Since then Via Expo has assured itself a stable place on the local market of specialized event organizers. Our trade shows are strictly professional and target mainly the specialists from different industry sectors. The events offer high quality services according to the international standards and attract foreign participants from 4 continents.

Our basic activities are:

Marketing & Matchmaking; Attracting exhibitors & visitors from Bulgaria and abroad from different industry branches; Advertising (Radio, TV, press, Internet, etc.); Printing materials; Direct mailing; Media planning; Management of events – exhibitions, conferences, match-making events, etc.; Stand construction including full furnishing; Databases Processing; Visitors registration at our events, Conference Secretariat; On-line pre-registration; Visitors statistics after each event exhibition; Organizing Bulgarian group participation at exhibitions.

We promote business through exhibitions and conferences, as we believe they broaden perspectives on business opportunities and develop various possibilities for partnerships. The company's main goal is to help companies present their products and services and build successful business contacts between exhibitors and visitors. Our events help the foreign companies find their representatives, partners, and distributors in Bulgaria and to expand their market activities on the Bulgarian and Balkan markets.

Through participation at our exhibitions and conferences you can find your right partners in Bulgaria and on the Balkans. Most of our foreign customers have established offices or found sales agents after their first participation. We help the companies in entering the newly emerging local market as we create long-term relationships with them. Our services are all with European level quality.

We also work for bringing Bulgarian companies at international exhibitions abroad. Via Expo is a sales agent of several well known world exhibitions in Europe and Asia covering branches like food, drink, packaging, printing, agro, cosmetics, medical, water, environment, biomas etc...

Via Expo has a wide network of partners abroad for attracting foreign exhibitors at our exhibitions as well as for inviting foreign buyers for our events. The company is also a partner of some projects financed by European Commission in the energy sector. Via Expo is a partner of the EU funded project RESBOAT where we will be responsible for the organization of 5 conferences for renewable energy sources in 5 cities on the Danube river – Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Osiek, Belgrade. The company is a coordinator of the project Bioenergy Forum for SE Europe funded by EC. Via Expo is also a partner of several other EU funded projects. Among our partners are also the South-East Europe Cooperation Process – SEECP, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development – EBRD, Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign, Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Partnership – REEEP, International Solar Energy Society - ISES, Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy – BASE, etc. We are a member of WPO /World Packaging Association/, COPE /Confederation of Organizers of Packaging Exhibitions/, XM Europe /Association of European Exhibition Organizers/, Hellenic Business Council in Bulgaria, etc.

Via Expo organises the following international events in Bulgaria:

American Tech – communications, information technologies, electronics, etc. It is under the auspices of the US Commercial Service in Bulgaria;

Profiles> – accessories, machines, glass for doors and windows, consumables (Former Aluminum and PVC Profile Exhibition);

Balkan PACkaging –packaging, prints, machines, recycling;

Balkan Food & Drinks – food, drinks and equipment;

1st International Conference on e-Commerce in Bulgaria

2nd South East European Conference on e-Commerce - in cooperation with the European Commission; speakers and attendees from more than 10 countries in the Region of SE Europe;

Conference on Business Management

In cooperation with Key 3 Media East – International Conference for Interactive TV;

Marketing seminar with the British company Hanley Associates "Make Success your Habit!"

Balkan Used Equipment – International Exhibition for recycled machinery;

International Conference and Exhibition on Energy Efficiency in the Construction Branch - under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy and Energy Resources and the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works

Training seminars "How to write project proposals for European Funding" - organised monthly with a big success among the Bulgarian SMEs, municipalities and NGOs

1-st International Congress and Exhibition for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources

2-nd International Congress and Exhibition for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources - 355 attendees from 28 countries

3-rd International Congress and Exhibition on EE & RES; 1-st Bioenergy Forum for SE Europe –under the auspices of the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy and Energy, Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Ministry of Environment and Waters, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry; in partnership with 13 industry organisations from Bulgaria and Europe; over 43 speakers and 400 attendees from 26 countries; Focus Country - Germany

4rd International Congress and Exhibition on EE & RES – Under the auspices of South-East Europe Cooperation Process – SEECP and Sofia Minucipality; Approved by the European Commission as a Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign Event; Congress Partner - The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; Focus Country – Spain and Portugal

REGALO Gift Festival – gifts, souvenirs, perfumery, cosmetics, jewelry, accessories; held twice a year

Pentatrade Ltd.

Pentatrade Engineering and Commercial Ltd. was established in 1990 by Hungarian private individuals.
In the beginning the company dealt in mainly devices, apparatuses and suppplementary instruments of computer technology. Meeting the market demands, the skilled founders and their high experience in information technology made it possible to develop its hardware production, systembuilding and hardware service during the company's improvement.

Consequently, they succeeded in forging ahead in the field of software development and integrated systems.
Satisfying the customer's needs caused higher-levelled work at software production and software operating. On account of it Pentatrade Ltd. can undertake to solve infomation-technological difficulties.

The company with its highly-experienced technicians and advanced set deals in planning, completing, installation and operation of complex company information systems. The determinate part of it is consultation.

Our main task is to assist executives with making their companies more successful by well-founded decisions. We wish to reduce the time for gettting good judgement and reach a more organised market operations by examining, controlling, quality checking and rationalisation (BPR).

Our slogan is:

"Today's quality makes tomorrow sure."
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I register?
What happens after registration?
Is there an option to take part of the conference from day 2 till day 4?
What is Virtual Boat?
Can I send brochures to the boat?
What are the side events/site visits and how to take part?
What time the event will start in the morning and what time will it finish at the afternoon?
How much does the conference cost?
Do I have to pay for cabin reservation?
How to pay for my cabin reservation?
Is it possible to sleep on-board on the 22nd of March, 2009 (Sunday evening)?
Is it possible to return to Vienna with the boat?
Will the boat move during the conference?
How can I find the boat in each city?
Is there any number I can call in case of emergency?

How can I register?
Please go to and apply electronically to the 5-day conference tour and also for the 1-day events (apply here to the conference at left hand side).
What happens after registration?
You will be sent a confirmation e-mail that includes all the necessary information on your cabin reservation, cancellation policy etc.
Is there an option to take part of the conference from day 2 till day 4?
It is possible and free of charge, however, you have to make 3 separate registrations. In this case we cannot reserve a cabin for you and you are asked to arrange your travel and accommodation individually.
What is Virtual Boat?
It is virtual forum for knowledge transfer where users with different RES background can search in the list of registered organisations and contact each other on-line. As a registered participant you can also promote and present RES your projects, state-of-art technologies, best project examples, business, project ideas in advance to the conference series.
You can register and later log in on the website ( upper right hand corner), it only takes a few minutes. (Conference participants become virtual members automatically).
Can I send brochures to the boat?
Conference participants, interested companies and virtual boat members can use the opportunity to send their promotional material to the organisers in advance. All material will be distributed in the poster session for the whole or part of the conference-series. The only requirement is that the material should be related to one of conference topics and RES. Project leaflets, brochures and posters should be sent in advance (by 18 March) to the following address:

Geonardo Ltd
Ms. Adrienn Cseko
Záhony utca 7.
1031 Budapest
What are the side events/site visits and how to take part?
Side events and site visits related to the daily topics are organised in each RES BOAT city by RES BOAT local partners after the official programme. To take part in the side events is free of charge.
What time the event will start in the morning and what time will it finish at the afternoon?
Presentations will start at 9 am in the morning and will approximately finish at 5 pm with the local side events organised in each station (however, there are minor differences in each city). Please click here to download the Programme.
How much does the conference cost?
Participation in the 1-day events is free of charge. The 5-day conference itself and the conference material is also free of charge supported by the European Commission.
Do I have to pay for cabin reservation?
Yes, the EUR 200 fee includes the accommodation in private cabins for 4 days (Monday - Friday), breakfasts, lunches, dinners and all coffee breaks for 5 days. Applicants are asked to to transfer this amount to the boat company. This serves as an advanced payment for cabin reservation.
How to pay for my cabin reservation?
Payments should be arranged by bank money transfer after registration.
Is it possible to sleep on-board on the 22nd of March, 2009 (Sunday evening)?
There is a possibility to sleep on the boat on the 22nd of March (Sunday evening) for additional EUR 55 directly paid at the reception desk (to the boat company).
Is it possible to return to Vienna with the boat?
Yes, the boat will return to Vienna, however, as the boat goes upstream, the journey takes 52 hours without stop.
Will the boat move during the conference?
No, the boat will move after the events from one station to the next. During the conference it will be docking in a certain port.
How can I find the boat in each city?
Registered participants will be sent a "RES BOAT Information Package" with all useful transport information on each city a week before the event.
Is there any number I can call in case of emergency?
Before the conference please call Geonardo Ltd. at +36 1 250 6703 and ask for your contact persons' help. Registered participants will also receive a cell phone number to use in case of emergency a week before the event.


The RESBOAT project is
funded by